Fata reforms part of PMLN manifesto, to bring tribal areas in national development: Muqam

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PESHAWAR, Sept 22 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister and President of PMLN
KP Engr Amir Muqam has said that Fata reforms are part of the PMLN manifesto that
would bring the hitherto neglected areas of the tribal region into the mainstream of
national development.
The credit of bringing the Fata into the national development goes to
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his government and the proposed reforms to be
implemented in the tribal areas have been drafted in accordance with the wishes of the
tribal people.
Amir Muqam said, the so called change being claimed by the PTI Chief
Imran Khan in the KP had no connection with reality as the situation on grounds in the
province was totally different than that being propagated by the ruling party. The people
of KP felt it like dream when Imran Khan talked of the change in the province, he added.
He said instead of eliminating corruption from the province, the PTI
government winded up the entire provincial Ehtisab Commission. Imran Khan’s whole
politics revolved around blame game, accusation, allegations and complaints and nothing
more than that.
The nation demanded of the Imran Khan about the details of foreign
funds, he said adding, he was now looking ways to escape to hide his corruption.
Ameer said in lust for grabbing Punjab, the KP was also slipping out of
his hands, Amir Muqam added. Today people from all section of life like laborers, doctors,
engineers, teachers and workers were on road to get rid of the so called of change.
The 2018 elections were round the corner and could be announced anytime,
he added. Imran Niazi has fled from the KP and thanks God that IK had not formed
government in the centre after the 2013 elections otherwise centre would have been of
the same position like the KP today.
The NA-4 by-elections would prove a last nail in the coffin of the Imran
Knan in KP. The PMLN will present the development agenda for the next general
elections. The PMLN would usher in true revolution in the KP after the general elections in