Faisal Mosque losing charm due to lack of proper maintenance, repair


ISLAMABAD, March 27 (APP): Faisal Mosque is losing its charm gradually due to lack of proper maintenance and repair as gap between the broken titles, dust on the floor, malfunctioning fountain and lack of basic facilities create a nuisance for the visitors.
Faisal Mosque, a contemporary and influential feature of Islamic architecture and a major tourist attraction, is located on the foothills of Margalla Hills, Islamabad.
A visitor, hailing from Multan, Muhammad Naeem Abbasi said he was going through a mental agony to see untidy environment as wrappers and disposable bottles of waters and other soft drinks were scattered all over the mosque’s floor.
He said dirty panes of windows and doors gave a shabby look to the visitors coming from across the country.
He said he was disappointed to visit it as its pathetic condition had demaged his picturesque image in his mind.
Expressing her concern over the poor cleanliness, another visitor,
Naveed Shahzadi form Burewala said there was a dire need to depute more staffers to ensure its proper cleanliness and to install more signboards to educate the people for properly dispose of the waste material in the dustbins.
Nazir Ahmad, an elderly man who visits Faisal Mosque on every Friday
along with his family to offer Friday prayer, express his dismay while sitting at the edge of dry fountain, the ablution place was untidy.
A visiting group of university students complained about the washrooms untidy condition urging their use should not be charged.
They said there were few walk through gates installed
at the main entrance of mosque which were not sufficient to cater the demand of large number of visitors and worshipers.
They proposed to hire more security guards to beef up the security of the visitors keeping in view the law and order situation of the counrty.
An official of Faisal Mosque requesting anonymity said there was lack of funds for its renovation and repair works.
He said the contractor who awarded the task to maintain its cleanliness had been stop working for last four month over the nonpayment of his dues.
The staff deputed to maintain its beauty and decoration had been transferred and the remaining staff was not sufficient to manage the affairs of such a large mosque.
“We do receive complaints regarding all theses things on daily basis but we are helpless due to lack of funds,” he said.
He expressed the optimism that newly elected leadership of the city
would address the grievances of the people and helping providing funds for the proper maintenace and repair of this sacred place.