Extremism in Pakistan outcome of Afghan war: NSA

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ISLAMABAD, April 7 (APP): National Security Adviser (NSA) Lt General
Nasser Janjua Friday said extremism in Pakistan was an outcome of the Afghan war.
Dispelling the impression about Pakistan, he said while addressing
Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit held here, it was a wrong and baseless propaganda that its nukes could go in hands of extremists.
“Pakistan is land of beauty and its inhabitants are talented,”
he said.
He said it was a wrong perception that Pakistan was playing
double-game in Afghanistan. Had Pakistan on side of Taliban then
why they would have been fighting against Pakistan?
He pointed out that there existed 108 exit and entry points
between Afghanistan and Pakistan which were being used by people of
both the nations as land routes.
He said if Pakistan had not stood against USSR then today
Afghanistan would have not been existed on the world map.
He said the USA was the sole power in the world and this was
due to the countless sacrifices rendered by Pakistan.
Referring to the ‘Farari’ movement in Balochistan, he said
this all was brainchild of those having nefarious motives. This can
be overcome by boosting economic activity in the province.
On the Islamic forces block, the NSA said this was founded
solely by Saudi Arabia and selection of countries in the fold was
again sole choice of the founder.
“Our decision not to send our forces to Yemen was meant to
maintain the equilibrium in the region,” he said.
He said if General (R) Raheel Sharif was assuming as head
of the Islamic forces block he never will represent any specific
sect or sects.
He was having as good relationship with Iran as with
Saudi Arabia. He (Gen. Raheel) enjoys cordial relationship with
“Pakistan will remain neutral and will not take side of Saudia
Arabia or Iran,” he added.