Experts call for maximum use of innovative technologies in media


ISLAMABAD, May 23 (APP): Experts at first-ever video technology seminar titled ‘Digital Pakistan’ discussed issues of digital rights, digitization, privacy, piracy, content being aired on TV and Internet Protocol TV.
A large number of the stakeholders of the industry, cable operators and senior officials of PEMRA attended the seminar and shared their views.
The event started with inaugural words of the Director General, Licensing Distribution PEMRA, Javaid Iqbal.
Javaid Iqbal said digitalization of the cable TV networks was the need of the hour and it is in the interest of all the stakeholders – operators, viewers/subscribers and regulators.
Unfortunately, our country lags behind others in the region and we need to pursue the case of digitalization proactively, Javaid Iqbal said.
He concluded that digitization would help switch over the revenue of the media industry from advertising to subscription.
DG Licensing Broadcast Media & Direct to Home Wakeel Khan in his presentation highlighted the significance of digitalization and the advantages that all stakeholders will have once all analogue cable TV networks are up-graded to digital.
He said digitalization of the existing cable TV networks would have a number of advantages including higher channel carrying capacity of networks, better quality of sound and video, addition of new features – EPG, PPV, PVR, Parental Control.
Wakeel Khan elaborated that the licensing of new digital platforms like DTH, IP TV and the digitalization of existing cable TV networks would also result in new opportunities to develop innovative content and new revenue models, increased competition, more choice to viewers, inflow of foreign and private sector investment to our country, creation of new applications, research, billing, customer care and employment generation.
Earlier, Abbas Raza CEO of Tricast, a mobile and web solutions provider that organised the seminar in collaboration with Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) highlighted the concept of Digital Pakistan and convergence of technologies.
He was of the view that how with the passage of time, technologies are connecting and converging to make a smart way of living where one box or one screen can perform multiple operations in user-friendly environment.
This includes news, communication, storage and social media not just in one place but with on the go devices.
Jawad Ahmed, an IT expert explained the concept of innovation to realize the dream of ‘Digital Pakistan.’
He said ‘Digital Pakistan’ is not yet ready to reap fruits of digital Pakistan.
The concepts of ‘Citizen Journalist’ and ‘Easy Paisa’ are two examples of the change that social media and digital innovations have introduced in our lives, Jawad Ahmed said.
Asad Ullah Jaral Advocate talked about Intellectual Property (IP) laws,
piracy-related issues, rights of the cable operators and working of special tribunals dealing with IP rights violations.