Exchange, cooperation activities should not intentionally hurting other countries security, interests: China


BEIJING, May 19 (APP): While commenting on India and Singapore navy
exercises in the South China Sea, a spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday said China has no problem with it if such exchange and cooperation is normal, out of friendly purposes and conducive to bilateral relations and regional peace and stability.
“When engaging in such exchange and cooperation activities, relevant
countries should mind not intentionally hurting other countries’ security and interests and not negatively affecting regional peace and stability,” Hua Chunying remarked during her regular press briefing here.
Responding to a question regarding Republic of Korea (RoK) president’s special envoy visit to Beijing, she said, the fact that President Moon Jae-in tasked his Special Envoy Lee Hae-chan to visit China for talks soon after he took office shows the importance the new RoK government attaches to its relationship with China.
The spokespersons said, China would like to work with the ROK to improve and develop bilateral ties. As for the THAAD missile system issue, China’s position is very clear.
During Special Envoy’s visit, China once again expounded on its
principled position on the THAAD issue, asking the RoK to properly address the major and legitimate concerns of China, she added.
Special Envoy Lee Hae-chan said the RoK is aware that the THAAD
deployment has caused damage to mutual trust and exchanges, fully understands China’s relevant major and legitimate concerns, and would like to step up communication and coordination with China and seek a proper solution to this issue with all sincerity.
On holding of an international economic forum early next month in Saint Petersburg by Russian president, she said, the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum is a well-known one focusing on major issues like the world economic and financial circumstances.
Hua Chunying said, China and Russia have the fine tradition of
supporting each other major events, adding, China has been attaching importance to and supporting Russia’s holding of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.
“In recent years, we have been sending high-level delegations
to the forum. We will do the same this year. We also support capable and influential enterprises and business people in actively participating in the activities under the forum framework,” she added.
China, she said, believes that the Saint Petersburg International
Economic Forum will become a rewarding platform for the two sides to enhance practical cooperation.
As for the common points between Russia’s economic strategy and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, In May, 2015, China and Russia reached a strategic consensus on aligning the Belt and Road Initiative with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which has won positive response and support from other members of the union.
For the past two years, relevant alignment work has been carried out in
a steady manner with remarkable progress.
In the next stage, China would like to work with Russia to continue
moving forward the alignment cooperation so that more practical result can be achieved.
“We would also like to strengthen practical cooperation with the EEU to
get more alignment projects up and running.”