‘Every child is an artist’; Jamal Shah

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ISLAMABAD, Jun 7 (APP): Director General Pakistan National
Council of the Arts Syed Jamal Shah on Wednesday said that every
child is an artist and the problem is how to remain an artist once
a kid grows up.
He stated this while addressing the participants of Summer Art
Camp arranged by PNCA for children aged 6-16 to buff their creative
Director General PNCA, a renowned artist visited the art camp
to encourage and congratulate children on their efforts.
He said that this camp is in accordance with PNCA’s vision to
bring forth the creativity amongst the younger generation.
“These classes will help children enhance the skills they
already have and decide which field they would like to choose later
in life.
He said that children have a very clear vision and are very
uninhibited in their art. Many artists have taken inspiration from
children and one big example is Picasso,” he said.
The camp includes classes from different fields of visual
arts. The main classes during the period of three month, comprise
drawing, painting, poster designing, puppet making, singing, folk
dancing, photography, Urdu calligraphy, basics of film making and
theater acting.
There will be several competitions conducted as well to
examine the progress made by children. Every activity that is
practiced in the classes will then be examined as well in the end to
measure the creative input by children. At the end of every week a
puppet show will be organized by PNCA. A total of 70 students are a
part of the camp.
The camp involves some very talented teachers like Ms. Nadia
who is also teaching at OPF, along with her coordinator Ms.
Shabeela. Dance will be taught by Ms. Ruqia Aani and Nasir Semab
will help children with Urdu Calligraphy while Sheraz will teach
them basic photography. The camp is coordinated by PNCA’s programme
executive Obaidullah.
The programme executive Obaidullah said that the healthy
activities will motivate children to work towards their goal and
will also teach them how to work with other people.
It gives them a chance to showcase their talents. He said Urdu
reading is terribly low in children nowadays, that’s why the camp
includes Urdu newspaper reading as well.
Parents also appreciated the effort made by PNCA. One of the
parents said that the course content of the camp is very diverse and
will help kids learn different things. They highly appreciated that
Urdu calligraphy will be taught, which is not taught anymore.