APP38-07 TORONTO: July 07 - High Commissioner of Pakistan, Tariq Azim Khan cutting cake on the occasion of Annual Canada Day Dinner, hosted by the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada. APP

ISLAMABAD, Jul 7 (APP): Pakistan’s High Commission to Canada Tariq Azim Khan said that the Muslims particularly those of Pakistani origin must make efforts to dispel the fear of unknown in the Canadian society about Muslims in general and Pakistan in particular.
Addressing the 20th Annual Canada Day dinner hosted by Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada at Toronto, the high commissioner said in order to address xenophobia, the Muslim community needed to interact with the Canadians at all levels to show them the real culture, customs and traditions etc, said a press release received here Saturday.
He said that unlike USA or Europe, Canada was today one of the best equipped country to capitalize on the extensive intermingling of populations in the 21st century.
He said that Canada’s strong performance was rooted in effective immigration policies leading to multiculturalism and diversity as a source of pride and inclusion as the core national identity.
The high commissioner said that the positive impact of multiculturalism was evident among Canadians of all origins and faiths, including Muslims who were proud to be Canadian and appreciated the same things about Canada that other Canadians do.
The High Commission was awarded with the annual award 2018, by Mobeen Khaja President of the Association of Progressive Muslims, in recognition of his outstanding services as minister, senator and High Commissioner of Pakistan and on his passion to present Pakistan’s rich culture and history for better understanding by the Canadians.
Besides a large gathering of Muslims and leaders of other faith groups the dinner was also attended by diplomats and Canadian officials based in Toronto.