English film on Mahraja Daleep Singh released

LAHORE, July 24 (APP): ‘The Black Prince’ an english
movie made in Hollywood on the life of Maharaja Daleep
Singh was released in cinema houses of the world including
Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Director
Qavi Raaz, hero Roop Mago and British heroine Sophia said
that story of the film was based on the life of Mahraja
Daleep Singh, the son of Mahraja Ranjeet Singh and Mai
They said that British rulers had conquered Punjab
after the death of Mahraja Ranjeet singh. They said that
armed forces of Mahraja Ranjeet were obstacle in the way
of occupying Punjab by the british army. They saiy that
Mahraja Daleep singh was taken into custody by British
rulers at the age of five years.
They said that Indian actress Shabana Azmi had
performed as Mai Jindian in the film.