Encroachment of footpaths, only serving shopkeepers, vendors, not people

ISLAMABAD, May 01 (APP): In certain markets of twin cities,
people have no option but to walk on roads, due to encroached upon foothpaths.

It seems footpaths are not meant for people as these are used for
special commercial puposes after being encroached upon by shopkeepers, fruits and vegetables vendors, burgar and other fastfoods oulets.

It may put people at risk besides creating problems for motorists.
It also disrupts smooth traffic flow on the roads. Additionally,
roads of some markets of Rawalpindi are being used as ‘parking lots’ which leads the congestion on the roads. Faiz Naseem, a resident of 6th Roads locality of Rawalpindi, said that it has become difficult to walk with family in markets as shopkeepers put their articles and items on the foothpaths.