Elections of Lahore city cricket association


LAHORE, Oct 25 (APP):The eagerly awaited elections of the Lahore
city cricket association will be held tomorrow, Thursday under the
auspices of Pakistan cricket board at Gadaffi stadium.
PCB’s election commissioner Rana Farooq Shahzad will be conducting
the elections which will be held between Kh Nadeem group and Rokhari
group. Due to extra ordinary interest of both the groups the elections
have gained a special hype. Khawaja Nadeem Group is likely to sweep
the elections as it enjoys support of the majority of the affiliated
clubs of LCCA including West, North and East Zones.
Khawaja Nadeem group is led by former President, LCCA, Khawaja
Nadeem Ahmad who has successfully completed two successive terms
due to his cricket friendly policies which helped the LCCA to gain
the status of a role model regional cricket body.
Few days ago, in a show of power of voters, Kh Nadeem assembled
over one hundred clubs of the three zones of the LCCA at a reception
and all of them announced their support to Kh Nadeem in the elections.
Kh Nadeem group has fielded Sardar Noushad Ahmad as the President
LCCA and Rokhari group has nominated ,Shahraiz Rokhari for the slot
of President. Wasim Anwar is candidate of Secretary from Kh Nadeem
group while Habib Shah is contesting election as Secretary from
Rokhari group.
“We have fielded honest and sound reputed candidates in the
elections and we are confident about our success in the elections”,
said Kh Nadeem Ahmad while talking to APP on Wednesday.
He said Noushad is the President of West Zone cricket association
and known for his measures for the cause of cricket.
Nadeem himself a former first class cricketer said he did his best
to give new identity to Lahore cricket by taking drastic decisions for
the revival of club cricket.
Nadeem said a number of new tournaments and leagues were introduced during his two term regime due to which a lot of improvement was seen
in the club cricket.
He said LCCA efforts for the betterment and development of club
cricket were duly acknowledged by the PCB and he is confident that
if elected to power, his group will continue his policies to further develop cricket on new lines under the patronage of the PCB.
“We want continuation of our policies and that is why we are
contesting the LCCA elections to serve Lahore cricket in years
to come”, he said.
Meanwhile a spokesman of Rokhari group also predicted his group
success in the LCCA elections.