Rafia Haider

CHENGDU (China), Dec 13 (APP): Fool-proof security arrangements
for Chinese workers and engineers engaged in construction of Koto hydro power project at Timergarh in Dir (Lower), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK),  coupled with administrative support by relevant government departments,  would hopefully make the project operational some three months earlier  than the stipulated time.

Zhou Dong, a senior official associated with Sichuan Province Geological Engineering Complex (SPGEC), the Chinese company assigned
for the job through a contract agreement, told APP during a meeting
that the hydro power project with a capacity to generate 40.8
megawatts electricity will be operational by early 2019.

Highly appreciative of the special security security arrangements
for his company’s workers and engineers, he said this alongwith other
support provided by local administration, had enabled the Sichuan’s provincial government owned company to undertake the construction work  at a steadily smooth pace, without any hitch or hindrance in an
otherwise a difficult area.

“It is because of the absolute commitment and support at every
level that we have been able to complete a part of the dam and are
hopeful to get the project completed some three month’s earlier
than the envisaged date,” said Dong.

In reply to a question, he said the total working period of
the project is 48 months and while the contract was signed in
January 2015, the work, after completion and approval of the
design, was initiated in August 2015 and since then SPGEC is
actively engaged in the construction work at the site located
on Panjkora river upstream of Timergarh in district Dir.

Zhau Dong said Sichuan Province Geological Engineering Complex,
was awarded the contract after fulfilling all legal requirements
including its participation in the bidding and winning the same
amidst several other contenders.

He also mentioned that his company has also signed another
contract in October this year only to build Lawi hydro power
project, also in Dir area, with a capacity to generate 69
megawatts of electricity.

Koto hydro power project launched under Annual Development
Programme of Pakistan and supported by Asian Development Bank,
with KPK Energy Development Bureau as the major stakeholder,
will be completed at a cost of Rs.14.765 billion and is expected
to generate a significant revenue for the betterment of the area
and its people.