ISLAMABAD, Oct 31 (APP): A select group of people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) have intentions to march on to Islamabad on November 2, with a declared design of paralysing and holding hostage people and government institutions working in a Federal Capital.
Secretary Interior, Arif Ahmed Khan on Monday wrote a letter to Chief Secretary KPK, saying that various intelligence agencies reports have indicated such intentions.
It is also learnt that certain Cabinet Ministers and Members of KPK Provincial Assembly intend to lead some of these processions along with their official and personal armed body guards.
The Secretary said if it happens, it would be a grave violation of law and in complete breach of public order since the administration of Federal Capital and Ministry of Interior have not accorded any permission for any such protest in Islamabad.
Given the serious security and terror threats confronted at the moment, an added dimension is also clearly present against any such congregation, he said.
He said it is, therefore, imperative for Provincial government of KPK to take all necessary measures to prevent any such unlawful congregation within its own jurisdiction and also take effective steps to stop any movement of organized (and armed) mob towards the Federal
The Secretary said not discharging this responsibility shall amount to a violation of constitutional obligations of the Provincial government for which it shall be responsible.
Therefore, it is urged to bring the above to attention of Provincial Cabinet and Chief Minister with advice of this Ministry to adhere to constitutional obligations.