Edhi, Raheel Sharif, Zulfiqar Cheema ideal personalities of CSS candidates


ISLAMABAD, Jul 3 (APP): The successful candidates in the
written examinations of Central Superior Service (CSS) and Punjab
Civil Service (PCS) have declared prominent social worker late Abdul
Sattar Edhi, former army chief General Raheel Sharif and renowned
police officer Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema as their ideal personalities.
According to a study conducted in relation to the examinations
and interviews of civil services, it was revealed that those
desirous of superior civil service jobs have a passion to serve
their country and nation.
During the interviews of candidates who wanted to join police
service, it became known that for majority of them, former Inspector
General Police Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema was an ideal personality.
When the youth were asked for reasons of their choice, they
were of the view that wherever former Inspector General Zulfiqar
Ahmed Cheema was posted, he established peace at that place,
provided justice to people and restored law & order.
The candidates said Zulfikar Cheema improved image of the
police and he also enhanced performance of other departments which
he joined later on.
During the interviews, some of the youth showed likeness for
Abdul Sattar Edhi for his social services, General Raheel Sharif for
his operation against terrorism and Dr Amjad Saqib for his programme
of interest free loans.
During the interviews, it was also noted that the candidates
improved their proficiency of English language, however the standard
of knowledge in the subjects of Pakistan and Islamic Studies was a
little lower.