ECP releases final electoral rolls list


ISLAMABAD, Jun 30 (APP): The figure of total registered voters with
Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday reached 97,021,340 voters
throughout the country.
Sharing a final electoral rolls data, an official of ECP informed that
out of total voters, 54,597,406 voters were male voters with 56 percent while 42,423,934 were female voters with 44 percent.
He said that in total voters, 694,606 voters were from federal capital
with 373,491 male voters (54%) and 321,115 female voters (46%).
Similarly, 55,820,797 voters were from Punjab province with the figure
of 31,301,706 male registered voters (56%) and 24,519,091 female voters (44%), he added.
As many as 20,644,582 voters were from Sindh with 11,445,064 male
voters (55%) and 9,199,518 female voters (43%).
He said that total registered voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were
14,016,383 out of which male voters were 8,007,144 (57%) and 6,009,239 female voters (43%).
In Balochistan total registered voters were 3,702,362 with 2,137,041
male voters (58%) and 1,565,321 female voters (42%).
The official said that total registered voters in FATA were 2,142,610
voters out of which 1,332,690 voters were male (62%) while 809,650 were female voters (38%).