ISLAMABAD, Jul 16 (APP):Despite comprehensive campaigns launched throughout the country, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) could not narrow the gap between male and female voters’ list, which is still exceeding the mark of 10 million.
Low percentage of women voters is apparently due to their non-seriousness towards getting CNICS, which are mandatory for enrollment in the eligible voters’ list.
An official of the ECP said although the ratio of female voters has witnessed an increase of 24.29 percent as compared to the election-2013 but the target to narrow the gap between male and female voters had not been achieved. He said in the upcoming election, around 105.955,409 million eligible voters will exercise their right to elect members of National and Provincial assemblies.
As per the available data, around 59.224262 million male and 46.731145 million female voters will cast their votes in the upcoming elections. The overall ratio of voters in the upcoming election has witnessed about 23 percent, while the number of male voters surged by 21.87 percent. The ratio of male voters witnessed an increase of 21.87 percent in the upcoming general election as compared to the election-2013.
He appreciated the assistance of NADRA for the registration of voters. “Any individual who gets National Identity Card, has been enrolled in voters’ list automatically,” he added.
In the last election, a total 86.189,802 million voters including 48.592387 million male and 37.597415 million female voters were registered with the ECP.
In Punjab, a total of 60.672,870 million voters including 33.697,933 million male and 26.992,877 million female voters will cast their votes. In federal capital, total 765,346 voters including 407,463 male and 357,885 female are eligible to vote in the upcoming election.
In Sindh, 22.391,244 million voters including 12.436,844 million male and 9.554,400 million female voters will cast their votes in the election.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a total of 15.316,299 million including 8.705,831 million male and 6.610468 female voters will cast vote in the upcoming polls.
In FATA, as many as 2.510,154 million including 1.507,902 million male and 1.002,252 million female voters are eligible voters.
In Balochistan, a total of 4.299,494 million voters including 2.486,230 male and 1,813,264 female voters are registered voters with the ECP.