ECP issues guidelines for issuance of party tickets in LG elections


ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (APP): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday issued guidelines for issuance of party tickets to the candidates contesting local government elections to the reserved seats in the Punjab province.

According to ECP guidelines, the head of each political party shall authorize a party office bearer in each division to issue party ticket to the candidates contesting elections to the reserved seats in the province on behalf of political party head.

The party head would provide a list of such authorized office-bearers containing name, designation, CNIC No. and other particulars of such authorized person to the Provincial Election Commissioner, Punjab latest by October 20, 2016, who would forward such list to all Returning Officers in the province for information and necessary action in accordance therewith, the ECP said.

Similarly, the party tickets, either by the party head or by his
authorized office bearer, shall be issued by and before October 24 to the candidates, for the purpose of allotment of symbol to such candidates by the Returning Officers, it added.

The commission said only one person would be authorized for a division of the province to issue party tickets to the candidates while the party ticket issued by the aforesaid authorized office bearer or by the party-head would not be recalled or cancelled.

The ECP said care might be taken that against one seat only one party ticket was issued and the party ticket may contain name, parentage and NIC number of the candidate.

Party head or the person authorized by him shall would his signature and stamp on each party ticket/certificate on party letter head and write the date of issuance of the ticket, it added.

Each candidate shall submit the party ticket issued in his/their favour to the Returning Officer concerned by and before the date of withdrawal fixed by ECP.

The commission said that a large number of candidates are contesting local government elections to the reserved seats in the Punjab province and the party heads may feel difficulty in issuing party tickets to their candidates.

In order to facilitate the political parties and candidates in this
regard and to avoid any complication at the time of allotment of symbols by the Returning Officers, the commission has issued these guidelines for issuance of party tickets to their candidates.

It said that the guidelines have been issued keeping in view the relevant sub-rule (2) & (3) of Rule 20 & rule 78 of the Punjab Local Governments (Conduct of Elections) Rules, 2013.