ISLAMABAD, Jul 25 (APP):The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has set up 85,307 polling stations in all four provinces and the federal capital to facilitate voters and to ensure better turnout on the polling day.
According to an ECP official, total 23,424 male, 21,707 female, 40,133 combined and 43 improvised polling stations have been established across the country.
The official said 47,813 polling stations have been set up in Punjab, 17,747 in Sindh, 12,634 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 4,420 in Balochistan, 797 in the Federal Capital and 1,896 in FATA.
He said the ECP has established 360 male, 360 female and 77 combined polling stations in the Federal Capital. Some 13,351 male, 12,716 female and 21,746 combined polling stations have been set up in Punjab, and 467 male, 359 female and 1,070 combined ones in FATA.
He said likewise, 1,252 male, 1073 female, 2,052 combined and 43 improvised polling stations have been set up in Balochistan, 4,128 male, 3,600 female and 4,906 combined ones in KP and 3,866 male, 3,599 female and 10,288 combined ones in Sindh.
He said the ECP had already issued the final polling scheme for national and provincial assemblies’ constituencies for the conduct of general election 2018 in all the provinces and the Federal Capital.
He said the Commission had placed all the details regarding final polling scheme on its official web portal for the voters’ facilitation by ensuring the compliance with basic fundamental right under the Constitution related to the right to information.
He added that the polling scheme consisted of name of constituency, name of polling station, name of electoral area, census block code, serial number of voters on the electoral roll in case electoral area is bifurcated, number of voters assigned to a polling station, including male, female and total number of polling booths allotted to a constituency.