ECP clarifies news item


ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (APP): Election Commission of Pakistan
(ECP) has strongly denied the allegation leveled against it in a
national daily on allocation under specific sub-heads of accounts.
According to ECP, the funds are allocated under specific
sub-heads of accounts which are spent after due diligence and
that expenditure under each sub-head of accounts is properly
examined or scrutinized.
It said that all the funds allocated to ECP by the government
for every fiscal year are duly audited by the AGPR, Islamabad and
Auditor General of Pakistan.
A comprehensive mechanism of check and balance record maintaining
as prescribed in the rules is in vogue in ECP, it added.
It said that as per office record of regular allocated budget
for each fiscal year no such amount as mentioned in the news etc. lies pending with ECP however, in the news item reference appears to have
been made to the amount which is a share of ECP earned through 8300
SMS Service and this amount is still lying with NADRA, it added.
It said that after the amount is received in ECP, it will be
utilized according to the prescribed procedure of ECP.
The ECP strongly rejected the allegations being baseless,
false and against the fact and figures.