Easily sailing for seeded players in 36th Chief of Air Staff Tennis Championship


PESHAWAR, Apr 21 (APP): Easily sailing for seeded players in the 36th edition of the Chief of the Air Staff Khyber Open Tennis Championship being played here at PAF Officer Mess Courts on Friday.
The courts have given a tough and slower response due to overnight
heavy rain but all seeded players advanced to next round in the Men’s singles, Under-18. Pakistan’s most Davis Cupper Aqeel Khan beat Ahmad Mail of Karachi in straight sets, the score was 6-2 and 6-3. Aqeel did not take much time in toppling Ahamd Kamil of Karachi in straight sets.
Farhan Ullah recorded victory against Inam Ullah in thrilling three sets battle, the score was 6-3, 3-6 and 6-4. The match lasted for most a hour and both Farhan Ullah and Inam Ullah provided great thrilling for
the sitting spectators. Farhan Ullah has better cross-court smashes and baseline shorts. Inam Ullah also tried his hard to come back in to the game but he was failed and thus Farhan Ullah won the match 2-1.
Promising Barkat Ullah, the current top ranking player upset Shehzad
Khan of PAF by 6-2, 4-6 and 6-3 in another thrilling match. Both Barkat Ullah and Shehzad of PAF gave each other a tough fight.
Usman Rafique of Lahore beat Zeeshan Ashraf of Faisalabad by 2-0, the score was 6-2 and 6-3, Ahmad Babar beat Shoaib Khan by 3-6, 6-2 and 6-3, Shehzad Khan beat Rashad Khan by 6-3 and 6-3, Hira Ishaq, a top ranking player, defeated Tahir Ullah by 6-3 and 6-2, Muzamil beat Ilhan Khan by 6-3 and 6-2 and Shahid Afridi beat Ikram Ullah by 6-1 and 6-2.
Mudassir Ali of Multan defeated Ijaz Khan of KP in a straight sets, the
score was 6-3 and 6-2. Mudassir fully utilized his energies, putting Ijaz Khan under tremendous pressure. His cross-court smashes and baseline shorts were far perfect, gave no chance to Ijaz to strike back into the match.
In the other matches Main Bilal of Lahore recorded victory against Irfan
Ullah of PAF in a thrilling two sets battle, the score was 6-4 and 6-2. Irfan Ullah played well and gave tough resistance to Mian Bilal.
Muhammad Abid of Lahore beat Shaheen Mehmood of KP by 6-4 and 6-0.
Abdullah Haider beat Israr Guil of KP Police by 6-3 and 6-2 while Asad
Ullah beat Abbas Khan by 6-3 and 6-3.
In the Under-18 Amir Naseem moved to the next round after victory in the first round against Abdullah in straight sets, the score was 6-2 and 6-1.The matches of the Under-18, Under-14 and Under-10 were disrupted due to rain for some time and will now be played on Saturday morning.