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ISLAMABAD Sept 15 (APP): Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Thursday said as provided in the Pakistan Railways manual Rs 800,000 will be paid to each deceased and Rs 300,000 to each injured of the Multan train accident.

The minister said every passenger of Pakistan Railways is
considered insured once he stepped in and is paid proper
compensation in case of an accident, he told a private news channel.

He said apparently it seems like negligence of the driver
because after installation of latest signal system it is beyond
doubt that the accident occurred due to faulty signal.

“The reason for train accident will be final within next 72
hours as no official statement could be issued without proper
investigation,” Answering a question, Saad said, the drivers of Pakistan Railways cannot flee and the said driver is also with the department.

He said the rescue and relief operation for the accident
victims started rightly according to railway Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). However, other rescue organizations and district police also worked the whole night.