Doors opened for new era of progress and prosperity: Sheikh Aftab

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ISLAMABAD, Jun 3 (APP): Minister of State for Parliamentary
Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed on Friday said the country is coming out
from the darkness and door are opened now for new era of progress
and prosperity.
Talking to APP outside Parliament, he stated that they have
expanded road nets to every nook and corner of the country,
encouraging new dimension for agriculture and industrial sectors.
He said when the government took over charge, they are
engulfed in financial and security issues and at the country was at
the verge of default but now our foreign reserves has been increased
to record level, inflation rate decreased and visible decline has
been observed in dearness.
During previous years the government announced incentives for
almost all sectors while the only agriculture sector which was not
directly addressed during this time span was our main priority this
The packages announced for farmers including decreasing rates
of fertilizers and removing duty from pesticides would prove
remarkable steps for boasting this sector, he remarked.
The government has taken remarkable steps for reviving
industrial sector and restoring the confidence of national and
international investors, he further said.