Defiance to anti-immigrant efforts continues as city passes bill that will shield aliens


WASHINGTON, June 23 (APP): As the Trump administration tightens
noose around undocumented immigrants, a city in the state of Maryland
has passed a law that will restrict police to comply with the orders
of the federal government to help net illegal aliens.
The city of Rockville early this week passed an ordinance that
directs policy officers and city employees not to ask questions about
a person’s immigration status and restricts enforcement of federal immigration law that has seen a quantum jump in arrest of undocumented immigrants since President Trump took over this year.
Rockville’s mayor and council approved the ‘Fostering Community
Trust’ ordinance on a 3-2 vote that is seen as a first step toward
becoming a ‘sanctuary city’ a term being used these days to identify
cities which have vowed to defy orders by the Trump administration
to help net undocumented immigrants.
President Trump fought and won the Presidential election on a
campaign that promised strict actions against undocumented
immigrants estimated at 11 million.
Weeks after President Trump was inaugurated, the Department
of Homeland Security issued sweeping orders to enforce tough
immigration laws putting the undocumented aliens at risk of
deportation. Under the instructions, Customs and Border
Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
agents were directed to identify, capture and quickly deport
every undocumented immigrant they come across.
There has been spike in arrest of undocumented immigrants in
recent months. An ICE report issued in May said that more than
41,300 undocumented immigrants were arrested in the first 100
days of President Trump’s administration. The arrests represent
a 38 percent increase from the same time period of 2016, when
about 30,000 undocumented immigrants were arrested.
Several cities, municipalities and even students’ bodies
in various universities have vowed to defy the federal immigration
orders to protect undocumented immigrants. The Trump administration
has threatened that it will cut funding to those states and cities
which will resist the orders.
The ‘Foster Community Trust’ ordinance is seen as the first
step towards becoming the so-called sanctuary city. City employees
now cannot inquire about a person’s immigration status or cooperate
with federal immigration authorities.
Those supporting the ordinance said they hope the new ordinance
will help undocumented immigrants feel comfortable reporting crimes
and providing information to police which will benefit the Rockville
city as a whole. After the recent spate of arrests, that includes
those who check up with the immigration office for different reasons, illegal immigrants are scared of going or reporting to police
fearing they will be arrested.