Defence Day reminds of martyrs, ghazis of 65 War: APP MD

ISLAMABAD, Sept 6 (APP): Managing Director of Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Masood Malik has said Pakistan Defence Day reminds of the martyrs and Ghazis of 1965 War who had sacrificed their lives for the country’s defence and wrote a great tale of determination and courage.

In a message on the occasion of Defence Day of Pakistan falling on September 6, he said, “This day is a symbol of determination and bravery of our armed forces and people and we should celebrate this day with immense passion, fervour and dignity.”

Independence is a great blessing and protection of it is the responsibility of all, who live on this land, he added.

“We should not be indifferent to our defence and this day also reminds us that we should be prepared for sacrifices of life and property to safeguard our freedom and all institutions should fulfill their responsibilities for defence of the country.”

He said the Defence Day of Pakistan was also a milestone in Pakistan’s history of freedom, progress and development.

On this day, Masood Malik said, Pakistan not only fought with an enemy many times bigger than it but also made it clear to the world that from Khyber to Karachi, the whole nation stood with their armed forces for defence of frontiers of the country.

The role played by the armed forces on that occasion for the country’s defence had few precedents in the world, he added.

The country’s defence, he said, even continued till today as the fight against terrorism was going on and its armed forces, law enforcement agencies and people had given innumerable sacrifices, he added.

The APP MD said, “On the historic occasion of Defence Day, we should also never forget martyrs of the operation Zarb-e-Azb who shed their blood to overcome the menace of terrorism and bravely fought the war imposed on us by the enemies of Pakistan.”

“This war, which we have almost won, has entered a decisive phase and Insha Allah if the nation remains united with determination, courage and steadfastness then there is no reason that we will win this war as well,” he added.