Dark night for Kashmiris’ subjugation must come to end: AJK President


ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): President Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said the dark night for the Kashmiris’ subjugation must come to an end and there should now be a dawn of freedom, a new beginning, for Kashmiris.
“We resolve that we will not relent until we liberate our Kashmiri brothers and sisters from the shackles of Indian occupation. The clear path for that is to respect the democratic aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said in his message on the occasion of black day, observed across Pakistan and the world on October, 27.
He said this is the day when the people of Jammu and Kashmir were denied their right to self-determination. Before this Black Day, there was a fair and just expectation and a popular aspiration that Jammu and Kashmir would accede to Pakistan, he said and added that this natural and legitimate process was halted by India by the use of force and repression.
He said the United Nations Security Council, in its several resolutions, validated the Kashmiris right to decide on their political future through a plebiscite to be held by the United Nations.
In the past 70 years, he said India has used naked coercion, economic blandishments and sham electoral processes to crush the will of the Kashmiris and legitimize its occupation. But the people of the Occupied Kashmir clearly reject Indian occupation and machinations, he added.
He said after 70 years, the streets of the cities, townships and villages of Jammu and Kashmir are resonating with the slogans of freedom and a definitive No to Indian rule.
He said the United Nations has been hesitant to hold a plebiscite, but Kashmiris under the shadow of bayonets have been holding a plebiscite, a referendum, everyday to demand freedom, to denounce Indian domination and oppression.
In the latest wave of massacres, since July 2016, he said, India has killed hundreds of Kashmiris, blinded hundreds, and critically injured several thousand people – men, women and children – with absolute impunity. Because of these killings and gross human rights violations, the Black Day this year has become even more tragic and catastrophic, he added.
The AJK President said on this day, we pay tribute to Burhan Wani for his martyrdom and for leaving behind a trail of freedom.
The whole of Jammu and Kashmir is ignited with the spirit of liberty, he said and added young men and women in the Occupied Kashmir too are chanting the slogans of ‘give me liberty; or give me death’, which is reminiscent of a war of independence fought by another nation in a distant land centuries ago.
“We demand that the United Nations and its affiliated agencies establish a humanitarian corridor for the entrapped population of the Occupied Kashmir,” he added.
On this day, we call on the United Nations Security Council to discuss the precarious situation in the Occupied Kashmir and take necessary steps to stem further oppression of Kashmiris; and review its own policy of inertia and inaction, he added.