Daniyal asks Imran to seek apology from nation for latest lie

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ISLAMABAD, April 27 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Member National Assembly Daniyal Aziz Thursday said Imran Khan should seek apology from the nation for his latest lie that he was offered Rs 10 billion in bribe.
Talking to reporters outside the Election Commission here, he said Pakistan Muslim League(N) would prove fallacy of Imran Khan in the courts.
Daniyal said first Imran alleged that the government offered him Rs 10 billion, then he said it was an individual who made the offer in Dubai. Later, Imran accused Hamza Shahbaz and later he accused Shahbaz Sharif wanted to give him Rs 10 billion, he added.
He said Imran Khan should be ashamed as all his allegations were just lies.
Daniyal said Imran Khan did hurl baseless allegations about the general elections 2013 which were later proved false.
He asked Imran Khan to file a defamation suit against him if it was not true.
He said Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen were the only two politicians who accepted their financial wrongdoings in written statements.
He alleged Imran Khan was involved in tax evasion, misdeclaration of assets, whitening of black money while Jehangir Tareen committed insider trading and traded shares through his cook and gardener.
PMLN will bring both the PTI leaders before the courts for ultimate accountability, he added.