ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (APP): The Embassy of Denmark in Pakistan organized a week long programme for a delegation of Danish companies from the Food & Agribusiness Sector.
The delegation was led by the Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan Ole Thonke, accompanied by the trade team at the Embassy, headed by the Commercial Counsellor, Mr. Assar Qureshi, said a statement issued by the Danish Embassy here today.
The seven Danish companies presented a diverse set of ingredients and technological solutions for improving food quality and nutritional standards in Pakistan.
During a series of business to business meetings across Pakistan, the Danish companies presented dairy packaging solutions; fruit based raw materials, innovative omega 3 concepts, solutions for cold storage, food inspection and quality control equipment, and air purification and sterilization.
At a seminar held in Lahore, the Ambassador of Denmark said, ‘The Danish food industry is driven by innovation and persistent refinement of efficient production methods.
Our expectations to this visit are high and the response among Pakistani and Danish companies is a proof of the friendly and open-minded relations that exists between our two countries’.
Pakistan is the world’s 4th largest producer of milk and has the world’s 3rd largest livestock population.
The food processing industry is growing rapidly due to the increasing demands and evolving tastes of the emerging middle-class in Pakistan for quality bakery items, convenience food, pre-packaged and fast food.
The food and agribusiness industry is witnessing strong growth, where a number of investments by large local and international companies are underway. The modern consumer places an emphasis on food safety and quality, an area where Danish companies excel.
The delegation was arranged by the Embassy of Denmark in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industries.