Cutting-edge cable system linking Asia, Africa, Europe starts operations


BEIJING, July 2 (APP): A 25,000-kilometer submarine cable system
linking Asia, Africa and Europe has entered service, as China United
Network Communications Group, a key participant in the cable project, accelerates steps to build internet infrastructure for countries and
regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative.
The cable system connects Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, Greece, Italy and France.
The Asia-Africa-Europe-1 cable system, better known as AAE-1, has been officially launched, with services beginning from Europe to the Far East, says the AAE-1 consortium, which is coordinating efforts to complete the project. China Unicom is a key member of the alliance.
The AAE-1 is the world’s largest submarine cable system built in more than a decade.
It can provide the lowest latency express internet route among dozens
of countries and regions across Asia and Europe, China Unicom said in a statement. It did not disclose the specific investment in the project.