Cricket fans’ craze increases for buying PSL ‘T-shirts’ in country


ISLAMABAD, Mar 2 (APP): Craze for Pakistan Super League (PSL) has reached its peak among youngsters, as they are buying T-shirts of their favourite teams being sold at different shops of the country.
A report aired by a private news channel, T-shirts are selling fast among younger generation.
Earlier, limited stock was ordered, but looking at the demand we had to order more, shopkeepers added.
Shopkeepers further said, outlet had a long list of around 30 to 50 people waiting to buy these T-shirts when fresh stock arrives.
Another salesperson Arshad Javed said, “the demand for PSL T-shirts is pretty high. Now with the tournament entering the last phase, we hope to do brisk business in the coming days, adding, “not only boys but girls also come to get PSL T-shirts”.