CPEC to bring development, prosperity to regional countries through interconnectivity: China


BEIJING, June 27 (APP): The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
is a cooperation platform set up by the two sides for
long-term cooperation, which will not only foster common growth of
China and Pakistan, but also bring development and prosperity
to other countries in the region through interconnectivity.
“The CPEC is an initiative for economic cooperation and it
is not directed at any third party, and has nothing to do
with territorial sovereignty disputes,” Chinese
Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Geng Shuang said during his
regular press briefing.
Responding to a question regarding a proposal to connect
CPEC with Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor,
he elaborated, “Vision for Maritime Cooperation under the Belt
and Road Initiative” is an important document issued by the
Chinese side last week.
He said the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor
was built based on the consensus of governments of the four countries.
Accelerated progress of the corridor will
improve interconnectivity and economic and social development
of the relevant countries, promote regional cooperation and make
sure that South Asian countries will gain more benefits from the
growth of Asia, he added.
He said up till now, the four countries have come to
an initial agreement on what targets the corridor is aiming
at, what mechanism is to support it and what areas the
corridor covers.
A joint research report on launching an
inter-governmental cooperation mechanism will be completed soon,
he added.
Geng Shuang said be it the CPEC or
the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor, both
are important cooperation projects under the framework of the Belt
and Road initiative.
“If these two projects can advance in parallel with
other similar projects under the Belt and Road, complementing
each other, reinforcing each other and forging synergy, they will
give a strong boost to the overall strength of the Belt and
Road, create more benefits for relevant countries and the
region, and improve people’s well-being,” he added.
He reiterated that the Belt and Road, though born in China, is
a public goods for the whole world and added once put forward, it
has earned the support of over 100 countries
and international organizations, more 60 of which have
signed cooperation agreements on the Belt and Road.
Last month’s Belt and Road Forum for International
Cooperation in Beijing which achieved remarkable success
and abundant results also speaks volumes, he added.
Regarding recent visit of Chinese Foreign Minister to
Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said the shuttle visit of Wang Yi to
the two countries produced positive results, as both the
countries showed goodwill to each other, and agreed to establish
a crisis control mechanism.
“It is fair to say that the shuttle visit is a fruitful one
as Pakistan and Afghanistan show goodwill to each other and take
a major step toward improving relations.
Terming it as an important step toward improving
the bilateral relations, he said the Chinese side has been saying
that a friendly and cooperative relationship between
Pakistan and Afghanistan is conducive to regional peace and
stability, as well as the world campaign against terrorism.
Geng Shuang said the Chinese foreign minister had candid
and in-depth discussion with leaders of the two countries during
the visit, reached consensus and jointly issued a
five-point press communique.
“First, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are committed
to safeguarding regional peace and stability, enhancing
connectivity and economic cooperation, and pursuing common
security and development.
Second, Afghanistan and Pakistan are willing to improve
their relations and establish a crisis control mechanism that
will enable timely and effective communication on contingencies.
Third, it is agreed to set up a dialogue mechanism
among foreign ministers of the three countries for cooperation in
areas of common interest, starting from practical ones.
Fourth, the three countries agree to reactivate the Quartet
for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, and call on the Taliban
to join the peace process as soon as possible.
Fifth, all three support the early restoration of
the Shanghai Cooperation Organization-Afghanistan Liaison
Group to contribute constructively to the reconciliation
process in Afghanistan,” he added.
On killing of over 150 people and 100 injured in Pakistan, he
said, the Chinese are saddened by this tragic accident.
“We mourn for the victims and express our sympathy with
the bereaved families and the injured,” he added.
He said the Chinese foreign minister during his visit to
Pakistan, has conveyed in person the condolences of the Chinese side
to the Pakistani side.