Country experiences excessively above normal rains this winter


LAHORE, Jan 26 (APP): Rainfall in the country except Gilgit Bultistan, was recorded excessively above normal during the period of first 26 days of January for this winter.
According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD),
during November 1, 2016 to January 26, 2017, rainfall over the country was remained close to normal, while during the period of November & December 2016, the country recieved no rain.
The provincial capital during the current month received 51
millimetre rain while Murree remained on top with 173
millimetre rain and Islamabad experienced 144 millimetre rain.
Other cities of the province received rainfall as under;
Sialkot 61, Gujranwala 42, Gujrat 62, Layyah 40, Mandi
Bahauddin 49, Sargodha 33, Kamra 51, Bhakkar 44, Chakwal 41 millimetres.
Bahawalpur received minimum rain during this month as it
experienced only 2.5 mm rain while Sahiwal witnessed 4 mm
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa remained on top regarding experiencing rains during the current month so far, as Dir witnessed 272 millimetres, Lower Dir 147, Malum Jabba 242, Pattan 151, Rislapur 71, Saidu Sharif 136 and Kalam 159 mm.
In Sindh, only some of the cities received only drizzles
during the first three weeks of January, while Quetta with 101 millimetre rainfall, remained on top in Balochistan province.