Cotton sowing witnesses 12 pc increase in current season


ISLAMABAD, Jul 5 (APP): Cotton, which is the major cash crop
of the season and a biggest source of raw material for the textile
value addition sector of the country, has witnessed 12 percent
increase during the current sowing season as compared the sowing of
same period of last year.
Crop cultivation has been completed over 88.2 percent area
against the targets set for current sowing season (17-18), said
Cotton Commissioner in the Ministry of Textile Industry, Dr Khalid
Talking to APP here on Wednesday, he attributed the increasing
cotton cultivation to series of steps taken by the federal and
provincial governments including provision of subsidy on
fertilizers, pesticides and electricity.
In order to enhance the crop cultivation and enhancing its
productivity, he said that textile Ministry in collaboration with
the other stakeholders had organized a series of training programmes
for farmers and held field seminars for creating awareness among the
He said that government had set a target to produce 14.4
million cotton bales by cultivating the crop over an area of 3.11
million hectares.
The Punjab had been assigned a task to cultivate the cotton
crop over an area of 2.4 million hectares, where in Sindh Province
crop cultivation targets were fixed at 0.65 million hectares, he
So far, he said that cotton crop has been cultivated over
2.743 million hectare, which was showing an increase of 12 percent
in period under review, he added.
Dr. Abdullah said that during the current sowing season,
cotton crop has been cultivate over 2.743 million hectares in Punjab
and which was up by 18 percent as compared the same period of last
In Sindh, cotton crop has been cultivate over 0.598 million
hectares of land, which was down by 6 percent as compared the
cultivation of same period of last year, he added.
Cotton Commissioner informed that Punjab has completed crop
sowing over 88.6 percent against the set targets, where as Sindh has
achieved 92 percent so far.