Continuity of democracy imperative for peace, stability, development: Ayaz


ISLAMABAD, Sep 14 (APP): Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz
Sadiq has said that the observance of the International Democracy
Day in Pakistan will strengthen the pro-democracy forces and
discourage potential dictators from curbing the aspirations of the
people through direct and indirect adventurism.
He said this in his message on the International Democracy Day
being commemorated across the world under the auspicious of United
Nations on September 15.
He said that Democracy contributes powerfully to economic and
social progress, international peace and security as well as respect
for fundamental rights and freedoms. “Democracy is essential to
achieving our fundamental goals of peace, human rights and
development”, he said.
The Speaker said that Democracy is a universal value
based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own
political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full
participation in all aspects of their lives.
In order to achieve this objective, it is incumbent upon the
political leadership to shun their political differences and join
hands to strengthen the democratic process in the country.
“The beauty of democracy is that it finds indigenous
solutions to the complex problems bedeviling the polity. It
encourages participation of citizens, who are the real stakeholders,
in taking charge of their lives. The public participation and
ownership of state policies is the bedrock of democracy” the Speaker
He said democracy is underpinned by the principle of consensus
within diverse sets of opinion. Hence, it creates unity in diversity
and diversity in unity in a linguistically, ethnically and sub-
culturally broad context.
The Speaker reaffirmed that continuous electoral process
ensures a democratic dispensation in the Pakistan.
On this occasion, the Deputy Speaker, Murtaza Javed
Abbasi said that democracy is strengthening in Pakistan and
all the progressive political forces were united on the issues of
national importance and the Parliament is actively engaged in the
welfare of the masses.
He said successive derailing of democracy in past has badly
hampered the growth and development of Institutions in the country.
Democracy is the only way to guarantee our stability and to ensure
our economic and social progress, he said.