Contempt of court proceedings initiated against Sarfraz Nawaz


LAHORE, Feb 18 (APP): Pakistan Cricket Board regretted on Saturday
that even after an injunctive order, former test cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz is continuing with his vitriol campaign and is leveling false allegations for which contempt-of-court proceedings have also been initiated.
It is astonishing that despite the injunctive order, TV channels are providing airtime to Sarfraz Nawaz, which is tantamount to contempt of court, said a spokesman for the PCB, here on Saturday.
In a suit No 32/ 5-6-15, Najam Aziz Sethi Vs. Sarfraz Nawaz, for damages of 100 million under Defamatory Ordinance 2002 is pending before the Lahore district court for the slanderous, false, malicious, defamatory and concocted statements/ allegations levelled by Sarfraz Nawaz against Najam Sethi, he added.
The learned judge on 19-6-2015 restrained Sarfraz Nawaz from levelling false, malicious and defamatory allegations against Najam Sethi in electronic and print media. Therefore, all TV channels and print media are put on notice by the Pakistan Cricket Board about the pendency of the suit, contempt proceedings and the injunctive order, any violation of which may expose the channels and newspapers to contempt of court of the learned court, he added.