Conservative Party leadership briefed on HRs violations in IOK

ISLAMABAD, Oct 5 (APP): Pakistan High Commissioner to
the United Kingdom Syed Ibne Abbas attended the ruling
Conservative Party Annual Conference in Birmingham and briefed the participants about the human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

The High Commissioner also attended fringe events and
special sessions during the course of the conference.

He interacted with several ministers, lords, MPs, MEPs and
representatives of the rights groups from across the world,
a message received here Wednesday said.

He sensitized them about the volatile situation on the
Line of Control (LoC) resulting from the unprovoked firing of
the Indian military.

The High Commissioner received positive response over
his remarks. There was a deep concern over human rights
violations in the IOK.

He urged rights groups to send their representatives to
the IOK to witness first hand the plight of the Kashmiri
people and highlight the atrocities being committed by Indian
security forces.

He also called for applying the same standards of human
rights in case of Kashmir as anywhere else.

In his remarks in the fringe conference, High
Commissioner spelled out salient points of Pakistan’s positive
economic trajectory and spoke about CPEC, security situation
and Pakistan UK bilateral relations which he said were on path to ever greater heights.

He spoke at length over the Kashmir issue and the
ongoing atrocities of the Indian forces in the IOK.

The reception of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan
was attended by Sir Patrick Allen McLoughlin, Chairman
Conservative Party, lords, MPs, MEPs, councillors, member of the Pakistani diaspora and Tory Party members.