Conflicts’ resolution is indispensable for durable peace in South Asian region: Pak Envoy



ISLAMABAD, Feb 6 (APP):Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Maj Gen (retd )Dr Shahid Ahmad Hashmat has said that conflicts’ resolution is indispensable for durable peace in South Asian region and stressed the need for integration of regional economies for peace, prosperity and economic growth in this age of globalization.
He was speaking to a seminar titled ‘Prospects of Peace, Progress and Prosperity in South Asia’ at BMICH Colombo on Tuesday, it was organized by the Pakistan High Commission, a message reaching here Wednesday from Colombo said.
Various aspects of progress, development and resolution of conflicts in South Asian region were discussed during the Seminar.
The high commissioner said Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and EU were good role models for other regions to achieve accelerated economic growth and social progress.
SAARC, he said, if made more effective could become an engine of growth for South Asia, which would be possible only after the resolution of all disputes in the region including the Kashmir Issue.
The high commissioner also asserted that Pakistan was seeking peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute through meaningful and comprehensive dialogue with India. The resolution of disputes can be attained through bilateral negotiations and regional and international mediation.
“If there is no peace, there will be no political stability, and if there is no stability, no economic progress can take place,” he underscored
Eminent scholars, Maj Gen (R) Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery, President, Centre for Global and Security Studies, Pakistan; Ameen Izzadeen, senior journalist and Editor, International Desk, Wijeya Newspapers,) also spoke to the seminar.
Ameen Izzadeen, highlighted that South Asian region was an abode of diverse cultures and deep rooted historicity. The major indicators of development are economic growth, equity in distribution of resources and overall quality of life, which is very difficult to achieve and sustain without solidarity and resolution of conflicts, including Kashmir issue, he said.
Maj Gen (R) Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery, while speaking on the occasion, noted that the Kashmir issue was not just a dispute between Pakistan and India but it was a regional as well as an international issue pertaining to right of self-determination of millions of Kashmiris.
The adverse effects of non-resolution of Kashmir dispute are felt regionally and internationally, he said and added that the Kashmiris were suffering for last seven decades.
They have faced extra judicial killings, women are dishonoured and raped, men and children have been blinded by using pellet guns. The International Community must respond to this humanitarian crisis with full responsibility, he added.
The seminar was largely attended by the people from different walks of life including diplomats, vice chancellors, senior officers from Sri Lankan armed forces, members of Pakistani community, students of different universities, participants from think tank and officials of the High Commission.