Committee to consider increase in quota of FATA students in Daanish schools

LAHORE, Dec 7 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has set up a committee to consider increase in the quota of boy and girl students of FATA especially Waziristan in Daanish schools.

Provincial Minister for Schools Education will be the head of the committee while its other members will include Secretary Schools Education, Vice Chairman Punjab Daanish Schools and Center of Excellence Authority, Managing Director Punjab Daanish Schools and Center of Excellence Authority and Secretary Finance.

The committee will start work immediately and submit its recommendations to the Chief Minister within three days. The committee will review the existing quota of boy and girl students of FATA especially Waziristan and other federal units in Daanish schools of Punjab and submit recommendations with regard to increasing the quota of deserving students.

The Chief Minister said the Punjab government was implementing a comprehensive programme for the uplift of education sector and promotion of quality education and revolutionary measures were taken for this purpose. He said that establishment of Daanish schools was an example in this regard.

He said that Daanish schools were providing modern education to talented students of deprived segments of the society. Shehbaz Sharif said that Daanish schools had not only minimized the gulf between the rich and the poor but also played an important role in imparting modern education to the children of backward areas.

He said that quality educational facilities were being provided to talented children of the poorest of the poor segments of the society in Daanish schools where they were also being given free of cost boarding and lodging facilities.

He said that by winning prominent positions in different examinations, boy and girl students of Daanish schools had proved that they were not inferior to the students of developed areas.

He said that Daanish schools had opened new avenues of development in backward areas and children of these schools after completing education would play an important role in national development.

He said that besides education, Daanish schools were also promoting national unity and solidarity. He said that talented children of all federal units of Pakistan had been included in the educational programme of Punjab which was strengthening the federation.

He said that quota had also been allocated in these schools for deserving boy and girl students of FATA and a committee was now being formed for increasing the quota of students of FATA especially Waziristan.