CM’s message on Kashmir Solidarity Day


LAHORE, Feb 5 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz
Sharif on Saturday said people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir
were fighting for their independence and a war for their survival.
The Kashmiri people had written a new history with their
blood for the right of self determination, he said and added that the people and government of Pakistan had always vigorously raised their voices against the state sponsored atrocities and violation of human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir.
The chief minister, in his message on Kashmir Solidarity
Day, said Kashmir was an unfinished agenda of independence.
The Kashmiris were rightful in asking the world community that why they were kept deprived of their basic right according to the charter of the UN, he added.
The solution to the Kashmir issue was pivotal to fully
benefit from the collective and human resource of South Asia, he said and added India’s unjustified deprivation of self determination to the Kashmiri people, through illegal occupation, was highly condemnable.
The chief minister said solution of Kashmir issue,
under the UN resolutions, was needed for durable peace in the region. He said the whole Pakistani nation was standing shoulder to shoulder with their Kashmiri brethren and sisters on this Kashmir Solidarity Day.
“I salute to the Kashmiri people for their brave struggle
for the right of self determination,” he said.
The chief minister said international bodies and human
rights organizations should play their effective role to stop cruelties of Indian occupied forces.
The world conscience should be made active on the
issue of Kashmir and unarmed Kashmiri people could not be kept deprived of their basic right till long, he said and added that Kashmir issue should be solved according to wishes of Kashmiri people.
He said the Pakistan Muslim League N had always
projected the Kashmir cause at every national and international forum.
The Kashmir issue should be solved through dialogues
for progress and prosperity of the people and for durable peace in the region, the chief minister said and added the Kashmiri brethren would be sensitised today that they were not alone in this struggle; and Pakistan will continue moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people.