CM’s message on defence day

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LAHORE, Sept 5 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
has said that the month of September has a unique importance in the
history of the country because the armed forces of Pakistan have given befitting reply to
the enemy during the 1965 war and forced it to
He said that the officers and jawans of the armed forces which were
full of passion of the defence of the country defeated the enemy and
failed its nefarious designs.
The Pak army has written such immortal stories of bravery and
courage during the war of defence of the country that the history
of the nation was incapable of giving any resemblance.
The Pak army set such wonderful examples of bravery and courage
at every war front which would be remembered in the world forever,
he added.
In his message on the Defence day of Pakistan, the Chief Minister
said that Pak army and the nation proved concrete wall before the enemy during the war
of defence of the country and gave a befitting reply to enemy’s aggression.
He said the nation gave a practical proof of unity and
cohesion during the war and today the nation needs same unity
and passion. The nation has faced every challenge with consistency
from the creation of Pakistan till today and September 6 is a day to
pay tributes to the great sacrifices of the martyrs and reiteration
of commitment of loyalty to the country, he added.
He said the whole nation and the brave armed forces
of Pakistan were united to face any challenge to national
security and survival. The political as well as the military
leadership is fully aware of the conspiracy and tactic of the
enemy and the security and solidarity of the country will be
protected at every cost along with ensuring elevation of
national honour and prestige, he added.
He said that the Defence Day of Pakistan reminds us of
great bravery, valour and invaluable passion of the nation
as well as the armed forces of Pakistan and the whole nation
pays tributes to those martyrs and veterans who rendered
great sacrifices for the defence of the country.
He said that brave officers and jawans were successfully
defending the internal and external frontiers by following
the footprints of their forefathers.
Besides continuous monitoring of naval, aerial and
physical boundaries, the armed forces have also played
unforgettable role against terrorism and the unique solidarity
shown by the political and military leadership for the total
elimination of terrorism is a bright chapter in the national
history. This unique example of national unity has realized
the enemies of Pakistan that this nation is fully united to
effectively counter any threat to national security and
survival, he added.
The Chief Minister further said the Pakistan Muslim
League-N government had made the national defence impregnable
by atomic explosions in 1998.
He said that Pakistani nation, armed forces and law
enforcement agencies were fully committed to eradicate terrorism
and today, we should make a sovereign pledge that we shall defeat
internal and external threats the same way as like we defeated the
enemy in the war of 1965.
He said that we should also make a commitment to disregard
internal differences and collectively work for the strengthening
of the country so as to make Pakistan a welfare state as well as
an economic power in the real sense.