CM terms budget historic, balanced, public-friendly

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LAHORE, June 2(APP): Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said
that historic budget has been given by the provincial government for the next financial year.
This public-friendly, balanced and historic development budget will
usher in new era of development and prosperity in the province. He said that new budget is harbinger of development and prosperity of the people as total outlay of the annual development program for the upcoming budget is Rs. 635 billion which makes it the largest development program in the history of the province.
He maintained that provincial government has allocated resources worth
billions of rupees for public welfare and record funds are given to different sectors including education, healthcare, agriculture, clean drinking water and social sector.
The CM said that implementation on the largest development program of
the Punjab will start an era of development and prosperity as development schemes will improve the quality of life of common people. He said that ample funds are reserved for welfare of the farmers and promotion of
He maintained that development and prosperity of southern Punjab and
improvement in quality of life of the people living there has always been a priority agenda of the government. He said that additional funds worth billions of rupees have been allocated for the public welfare schemes and development of southern Punjab in the upcoming financial year and added that share of southern Punjab has been enhanced in development and
welfare oriented programs.
Unique programs and projects aiming at development and prosperity of
the people have been earmarked for the welfare of the people in the Punjab budget 2017-18, he said.
Chief Minister said that a new tradition has been set by doing a
wonderful saving of Rs. 220 billion in different projects by the Punjab government. He said the budget of the upcoming financial year is milestone for ensuring supremacy of law and order, social justice and composite development and public welfare.
The journey of development and prosperity will be continued and records
of transparency set under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be furthered.