CM Punjab urged to take notice of deprived blind professors


RAWALPINDI, Oct 2 (APP): Blind Professors and Lecturers teaching in special education department of Punjab entitled to special teaching allowance are not being given the allowance despite appeals to the concerned.
Professor Muhammad Tahir, President Punjab Blind Professors and Lecturers Association (PBPLA) told APP here Monday that the disabled teachers are deprived of their special education allowance and other facilities although the issue has been raised at various forums including the press, electronic media while an application has been sent to the Chief Minister through Siddique ul Farooq Chairman Evacuee Trust Board Property (ETBP).
Prof. Tahir said the blind teachers are deprived of many facilities and others serving in special education. The teachers are not permitted to mark papers, no private university or academy hires them for teaching.
Prof Tahir is blind and teaches in Govt. Post Graduate College Asghar Mall, here.
He said a number of other blind professors are working in various other institutions despite all odds and difficulties they face in performing their duties, adding that their number is negligible and demanded redressal of their grievances.
The most painful thing is that the normal persons working in special education institutions are availing all facilities and allowances but the blind professors in general education are deprived of all this which makes their level very low among normal colleagues. As they have to prepare recorded books in Braille to teach the students on their own, said Prof Tahir.
He said if the CM would not resolve their grievances, the PBPLA would choose other options to resolve the issues being faced by them.
He urged the CM Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the appalling situation of blind professors serving in general education and announce the same facilities for them.