CM for effectively sensitizing people about diabetes treatment

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LAHORE, Nov 13 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said people should be effectively sensitized about the treatment of diabetes because the human body faced different complications due to delayed diagnoses and treatment of this disease.
In a message issued on the World Diabetes Day, the chief minister said adoption of precautionary measures were more useful than the treatment and added that use of balanced diet, exercise and regular walk were helpful to remain safe from this disease.
He said giving awareness to the patients and public was essential for adoption of precautionary measures so that the patients could remain safe from the complications arising due to this disease.
He said the government had taken different steps so that the people could remain protected and the disease could be controlled. He said the government was utilizing all-out resources to help the people remain safe from this disease and observed that it was equally important to continue awareness campaign on the sustained basis for saving the people from this disease.