Climate change not a provincial but human issue: Mushadidullah

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP): Minister for Climate Change
Mushahidullah Khan said on Monday that climate change was the
biggest issue being faced by the world and in Pakistan it was not a
provincial issue,but human issue and should be given priority.
Speaking at a consultative meeting on air qulity in Asia here,
he said that Pakistan was facing multiple issues related to climate
” This issue is matter of survival for Pakistan as our
drinking water,food security and regions progress is linked with the
issue”,he said.
He said that many factors including vehicle emissions,
industries, kilns,solid waste, sulfur in the diesel and furnace oil
were contributing to air pollution in the country.
The importance of other steps apart,there was need to create
awareness among the masses on the climate change,he added.
He called for involvement of local people especially the local
religious scholars to stop the deforestation trend. He said that
Imam Kaaba and Pope should also be involved to create awareness
among the common people on environment and climate change issue.