Cleanliness, environment, pollution, child abuse areas of concern for the new PM


ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (APP):In an unprecedented shift from the tradition, the nation on Sunday heard a prime minister, who spoke about the need of cleanliness, environmental pollution, pledge to plant a billion more trees and development of tourist resorts.
Prime Minister Imran Khan in his maiden address to the nation warned of the serious consequences of climate change and vowed to play his part by ridding the country of air, water and land pollutants.
“We planted a billion trees in KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), now we will plant billions more all over the country,” Imran, who did the unthinkable in a country, notorious for its timber mafias and rapidly depleting forest cover.
He mentioned the recent heat waves in Karachi which led to scores of deaths and said, “It’s all concrete, which heats up. There are no trees to cool the air.”
He also mentioned the alarming air pollution levels of Lahore and the heaps of garbage and filth littering all over the country.
“We have to clean it all up,” he said and mentioned the Hadith which describes cleanliness as half faith.
“The entire Pakistan needs to be cleaned up. It just needs commitment,” he said.
Imran also pointed to the beautiful natural scenery of Pakistan and its beaches and said, “We have beautiful places that have no match in the world.”
He promised to open up four new tourist resorts every year to attract foreign and local visitors.
He also voiced his strong concern over the horrendous cases of child molestation and abuse, particularly those at Kasur and not only vowed strict action against the perpetrators, but also for measures to ensure no recurrence