LAHORE, Oct 12 (APP):Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Friday called upon the judges to work with uprightness, credibility and integrity to dispose of pending cases on priority.
Addressing a seminar organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association here he said that Pakistan was
achieved after a long struggle and great sacrifices. “Are we giving value to our country and doing our duty towards it,” he questioned.
The CJP said that he was sure that if Pakistan did not come into existence then he might be serving in a bank, or some insignificant position today.
He stressed the need for giving respect to the judiciary saying that the role of judiciary was like an old wisely-man
who decides all cases with integrity and even the loser accepts its decision.
He asked the judges to decide the cases quickly and on merit, saying “We must ask ourselves, are we doing job in accordance with the salary paid to us.”
He said that if judges would not fulfill their duties then it would cause delay which was a sort of injustice. “Are
we not required to held ourselves accountable,” he asked.
He also urged lawyers to perform their duties with commitment and avoid taking adjournments as this practice caused delay which had become a menace.
The CJP emphasized to update the laws and adopt modern technology for quick dispensation of justice.
He said that if the laws were not improved then the society would not survive in future.
Questioning incompetency of judges and non-preparation of lawyers while appearing in courts, he said that both organs of the system should work for delivery of justice to litigants.
“If we will hold ourselves accountable then we can deliver justice to the future generations,” he added
He stressed upon protecting fundamental rights, saying that action taken by the apex court was aimed at drawing attention in that regard.
The judiciary would not intervene in matters which fell under the jurisdiction of other institutions, if they fulfill
their responsibilities, he added.
“The judiciary only intervenes to safeguard and protect the basic rights of people when other institutions fail to
deliver,” the top judge said.
On the missing persons issue, the CJP said that he had tasked heads of the top intelligence agencies to determine the whereabouts of those people.
President Supreme Court Bar Association Pir Kaleem Ahmed Khurshid, Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Kamran Murtaza, Advocate General Punjab Ahmad Owais, Member Pakistan Bar Council Ahsan Bhoon, Senior Lawyer Zafar Iqbal kalanuri and others also spoke on the occasion. Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Yawar Ali was also present on the occasion.