Civilian embraces shahdat in Afghan border police attack


ISLAMABAD, May 5 (APP): Afghan Border Police opened fire on
Frontier Corps detailed for the security of Population Census team in
Chaman on Friday.
“One civilian embraced shahadat, while 18 individuals
including four FC Balochistan soldiers sustained injuries due to the
firing” Inter Services Public Relations here said.
Since April 30, Afghan Border Police had been creating hurdles
in conduct of census in divided villages of Killi Luqman and Killi
Jahangir in Chaman area, on Pakistani side of the border.
This was done despite the fact that Afghan authorities had
been informed well in advance and coordination was carried out
through diplomatic and military channels for conduct of census.
Exchange of fire was continued till the mid-day.
The border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Chaman
has been closed down.