APP18-09 LAHORE: August 09 - A view of huge size national flag installed at the Al-Hamra Arts Council in the connection with the Independence Day celebrations. APP photo by Chaudhry Ansar

LAHORE, Aug 09 (APP):As the Independence Day is approaching,public and private buildings in the provincial capital are being decorated with large national flags, buntings and lights to express love for the homeland.
People belonging to every walk of life especially the youth are busy in decorating their houses and vehicles with national flags to celebrate the Independence Day.
The Alhamra Hall, Wapda House, GPO and Alfalah Building on The Mall have been decorated with big national flags and lights.
Stalls of different Azadi accessories are surrounded by youngsters who are eagerly waiting for the Independence Day (I-Day) celebrations.
Shops and vehicles could be seen decorated with green and white colours in the city.
Adil, a youngster, told this scribe that stalls along the roadside in the main markets and roads had become a centre for attraction to buy different things,including national flags.
Waris Ali , a roadside vendor at the corner of Urdu Bazaar, said rush of children and youngsters could be observed in the evening, buying flags and stickers for decorating their cars and vans which reflect their patriotic spirit and enthusiasm.
A big financial activity started with the commencement of the month as every one was involved in decorating his belongings in the city, he added.
Saima, a customer with her child, said that her children had decorated home and car with buntings and flags, adding that children would also wear Azadi shirts as they purchased from a stall in the city.
“I see huge rush of children and youngsters at various stalls since the start of August which reflects patriotism and enthusiasm of the youth”, she added.
A taxi driver, Ahmed, said he had already hoisted a  national flag on his vehicle to show his deep love for  the country.