Citizen stressed to spread awareness about environment and cleanliness


ISLAMABAD, Feb 20 (APP): Every eco-friendly citizen should at

least plant a tree to create a clean and green environment and work
to create awareness among the people in the country about their
responsibilities towards preservation of environment and
Talking to APP Chairman Chitral Heritage and Environmental
Protection Society (CHEPS) Rehmat Ali said, widespread use of
plastic is as dangerous to a country as terrorism.
He said, This problem could only be controlled by educating
community members regarding proper use and disposal of plastics
items so that environment could be least impact by this menace.
Another problem is deforestation and lackluster progress on
regeneration and plantation. Community members also need awareness
about importance of forest and plants for their very survival, he
Rehmat Said Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection
Society (CHEPS) is active in the field of environmental protection
activities in national level by sensitizing and mobilizing community
members regarding environmental issues since 2005.
Number of community sensitization workshops/seminars/walk have
been arranged in Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore under the
auspices of CHEPS to educated general public about devastating
environmental issues which are faced to our country these days.
CHEPS has started the activities formally in 2017 from Dubai
with overseas Pakistanis followed by a cleanliness campaign in
Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi and then a cleanliness walk in Lahore Fort,
then a day-long cleanliness drive in Shakar Parian Islamabad.
Students from different Educational Institutes carried
banners, play cards with messaged about clean and green Pakistan on
They went around the park carrying plastic bags and picked
plastic bags, wrappers, bottles and other waste and discard them in
proper places and dustbins.
CHEPS volunteers from the twin cities pledged their continued
support for environment-friendly activities and ensured that they
will actively participate in the upcoming cleanliness and tree
plantation activities.
Now a cleanliness and awareness campaign would be organized in
Peshawar on Saturday.