Chinese military to firmly defend national territory, sovereignty: Spokesperson



BEIJING, Aug. 28 (APP): A spokesman for Ministry of National Defense
said on Monday that the Chinese military will remain vigilant and firmly defend national territory and sovereignty following a military stand-off between China and India.
“Peace and stability along China-India border concerns regional peace
and stability and accords with the common interests of the two peoples,” said Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense.
India has withdrawn its personnel and equipment from Dong Lang (Doklam)
after the stand-off that lasted more than two months.
We remind India to draw lessons from the stand-off, abide by established
treaties and the basic principles of international law, and work together with China to safeguard peace and stability along the border and promote the healthy development of the two militaries,” he said.
The spokesperson said that the Chinese military is confident and capable
of safeguarding national sovereignty, safety and the interests of development. It is also confident and capable of making a bigger contribution to world peace.