China’s military moves along Sino-India border send strong message to India: Experts


BEIJING, July 19 (APP): China’s recent military moves along the
Sino-Indian border have attracted international attention, with many experts commenting that the actions have sent a strong message to India amid the two nations’ standoff in the border area.
The live-fire exercises, which were conducted by a fully staffed and
fully equipped brigade, used high-tech weaponry and multi-force attacks on the 5,000-meter-high plateau.
PLA Daily, the official newspaper of China’s military, reported a drill
conducted by the Xining military logistics unit, without specifying purpose or timing.
According to the report, thousands of soldiers and hundreds of military
vehicles took part in the drill, transporting a large amount of military and medical equipment to the Kunlun Mountain range in northern Tibet.
The Chinese state-run newspaper Can Kao Xiao Xi reported that the Indian military is heavily focused on developing its mountain military units in an effort to counterbalance China’s military presence along the mountainous border.
India currently has 10 mountain divisions, one independent mountain
brigade, and three backup mountain brigades, while the country has deployed eight mountain divisions along the Sino-Indian border, three of which are stationed at Sikkim.
The Chinese experts believe that the actions showcased China’s strength and sent a strong signal to India. Though India has more troops scattered along the disputed area, China’s rapid deployment of troops, its powerful weaponry, and its advanced logistics support give China the edge over India.