China welcomes efforts for implementing de-escalation zone deal in Syria


BEIJING, July 27 (APP): China has welcomed efforts of relevant parties

to play a positive role in implementing a “de-escalation zone” deal in Syria, on the basis of fully respecting Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territory, a Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Lu Kang said on Thursday.
“The proposal to establish “de-escalation zones” is an important measure
to ease the tense situation in Syria and realize ceasefire and cessation of violence step by step,” he said during his regular press briefing while commenting on reports saying that Russia had sent its armed forces to monitor the cessation of hostilities in Syrian de-escalation zones.
He said the key at this moment still remains to be creating beneficial
external environment for the Geneva peace talks on politically resolving the Syrian issue.
Lu said the priority of such efforts should be creating favorable
conditions to promote peace talks on Syria, in Geneva.
On May 4, Russia, Turkey and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding
on the creation of four safe zones in Syria, aiming to ease tensions for at least six months in Syria.